The Architect of the Transculture

We are a human being transformed by the apocalypse, the one that was and the one that is coming down.

The Architect

The Earth has been turned into a warehouse, with objects and people stacked from floor to ceiling. We offer a way out of this battle zone of normative identities.

We used to publish books. Then they published us.

We are a neuroplastician

Richard Rathwell, aka “The Architect”

and his translator.

Harold Rhenisch, aka “The Stage Manager”

Together we are a human being. For our first performance, we are demonstrating how a discussion about the negative effects of neuro-normative identities can be dismantled and reconfigured, step by step, as images.

We went to Buchenwald for you.

We are working against the luxury of images that create refugee camps out of free memory. Images promising national utopias are contagious. Words offering the illusions of escaping dominance through fiction often cross human-animal barriers. Environments can no longer afford to decay at this rate.

Ongoing identity battles in Ukraine show that words can’t do this alone anymore.

Make no mistake. We are environments.

Not Poe being gloomy, though.

Not that environnment.

Old Tech is seductive. The romantic dream of escaping repression by writing fictions. That kind of hallucinogen. We want to keep you prepared for whatever attempts at control are coming down from the big literary presses.

What is your publishing venue of choice? Penguin or The Wagner Group?

Set those utopias aside. We will give you an upgrade. Remember Vermeer’s girl next door?

Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring.

She got hers.

Zimbabwe or Bust

Are you ready?

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