Grotesques: Part 2

The writer is decomposing. You can view the initial decomposition here.

I ran outside with my reeled tape recorder to get the instance of the deluge to send to my sister far away in Ontario.

She was beginning her slow death from disease that meant she would never travel.

It was to remind her of leaving the house as I did as a summer storm came across the lake.

We sat on the hood of my car and talked of our future.

The thing is, people are going through cultures.

They travel from one in transition to another.

In this form of architecture, culture is not in statements.

This is not a statement.

It is in the flash of an eye between them.

I am haunted by Africa.


The cultural nationalists, the ones who are burning down schools, are not going to end up with the rebirth of a tradition.

They will make a tradition.

I was hired to build those schools. I built a mosque instead. Eventually, they burnt that, too.


The ideologues among the oppressed or even their representatives are not going to make new women and men in a work of art.

They are, however, expressing a transcultural encounter.

For example, when I wore a literary mask, I was bullied into defining and redefining the obvious over and over again without qualification:

I should have moved to Switzerland.

race, gender, ideology, the cultural nationalist industry that evolved from the unequal development of oppressive globalization and the mirror development of, for example, the novel on different continents and in different cultures, needs to protect its product.

We would do well to say these things.

The aspirant tribunes of the people need to protect their publications and jobs. For this, they need to create people.

Marx should have mentioned that.

Identity is the product.

Identity is the subject.

Identity is the object.

It is all they can think of.

It won’t help to blame Hitchcock.


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