Enough, Already

Here among the neurotypicals, I am determined, at least, to write without narrative, without the given accoutrements of story that brings them comfort and me pain:

  • symbol,
  • metaphor,
  • culture,
  • stereotype,
  • nationality, and
  • authentic culture,
  • prison.

An early, wrongly-directed attempted to escape the neurotypicals in the DDR.

Where? Why, here:

Not story.

All narratives are the causes of war. But the neurotypicals won’t tell you that. All facts. But the neurotypicals can’t see that. All counter facts. The neurotypicals are just too good at countering facts. All virtues and bios. All humans can generate those between an olive and its pit. All deaths. It’s too easy to leap to war with that. Here, let me show you:

Right, a translation. Here:

We’ve got to stand together, all of us, otherwise we’re just in Hameln with the rats, and…


Editor’s note: The Pied Piper of Hamlin is a terrible tale that documents the sale of citizens of Hameln town by their Prince as forced settlers in newly-acquired border regions in Poland. The price? Usually six silver dollars a head. Such shenanigans allowed princes to fund armies, to conquer more territory, to… well, you get the picture. So, to that one thing, don’t lay the blame on any piper in Joseph’s Coat of Many Colours, and don’t lay the blame on the messenger. Face the world, while you can!

As well proven by history and graveyards.

An archaeological dig in Hameln.

We all have front row seats at our deaths.

An Old DDR Image of the Pied Piper

Don’t you dare make a narrative out of it. This is not a story.

Mayfield Parish’s Version, at the Palace Hotel, San Francisco, 1909

This is the real thing. Hameln is not on a hill. Stop dreaming. Drinks won’t help. Be reborn instead. I know I am.

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